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Well, this is my first post here. What should I write here? I feel a little bit confused. I made a list of ideas, which I want to post here in the future, but I think this one should be special, kind of introduction. But then I changed my mind, because I have “About” page.

I am very energetic girls and I adore rock music! Are you surprised? Yes, probably! I visit rock concerts every year and this’s  always an adventure.  We travel to different countries, attending different festivals, meet people from all over the world.  I was thinking about our next destination and we suddenly decided to  visit Poland. I haven’t been there, so this could be a nice idea. I made some research and found an interesting event –  an open air festival. Yes, this is exactly what I need right now. And we were not wrong, it was unforgettable! I was so lucky to be so close to the stage. We just had a great time there with traditional food and tasty polish beer.

Coming home, I felt exhausted, but also delighted that I had had a chance to see Poland and visit this great festival.

Alright, that’s all for now.

Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment and see you soon.


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