This is why you should buy a cool scooter

I stumbled upon an electric scooter provider named Unu Motors. This company is based in The Netherlands and I am betting this shall make waves in the industry of transportation. This is due to its very eco-friendly business model which is very uncommon in businesses today.

I am sure many are being fascinated by their products. Their ‘elektrische scooter,’ is one of a kind. I learned that their electric scooter is 100 percent electric ran by BOSCH. It does not emits gasoline which is known to contribute to air pollution and other negative effects in the environment. In addition, its maximum speed is very dependent on the capability of the battery. Which means it will never exceed to a dangerous speed that might cause accidents. And oh, did i mention that their batteries are portable? You can actually bring it anywhere and you no longer have to think of looking for gas station where you will fuel up. Just charge it to electric outlets and you are good to go.

You need to have license in driving it too. Just use your usual driving license and you are also okay to drive it in the city. It is also lightweight and durable that is why this is very advisable to either men and women who are fond of driving in the city.

I know this company will come a long way and I hope they will still make products and vehicles that shall cater to helping the environment.

Adirondack Chairs For The Garden

Are you the type of person who loves doing this on their own? How about making DIY projects for your home, for your family, or even as a present to a loved one? Or are you the one who loves gardening or throwing parties? Well, I stumbled upon a DIY project just for you!  Have you heard of Adirondack chairs? Adirondack chairs are nice and beautiful chairs usually found in gardens, patios, and even during barbecue parties. It looks so beautiful, comfortable, and hard to do. But guess what? This does not mean only men can do this one. You can too!

But first, here are some information about our very loved Adirondack chair.

Adirondack chairs, also known as Muskoka chairs, are usually for the gardens. They are made of wooden materials and it is designed with the back inclined for better resting of the back part.

It is also low in height, so people who sit there can have a different, more laid back experience of sitting there without being stiff. It is made for comfort. Usually, Adirondack chairs are also used for garden and barbecue parties where attendees can lounge by the garden or by the pool.

So, do you want to have you own? But please know that this is no ordinary DIY project where you just need basic materials. Here are the things you need to prepare before you start you chair project:

Pieces of wood

1 1/4″ Screws (I would get pretty self tapping outdoor deck screws so that you don’t have to refinish your chair after you put it together)
2″ Screws
Wood Glue

Elmer’s Wood Filler
120 grit sandpaper
wood conditioner
paint brush
Please note that you need to be careful when doing the project, you do not want to hurt yourself for this project, do you?

To know more about Adirondack chairs and how to do them, check out this informative video tutorial below found in YouTube for your reference:

Googling for the best gifts

So, I was drinking my coffee and lying in bed this morning, and I realize that my husband’s birthday is coming up way quicker than I thought. He was out of the house that already, so I hopped on my laptop and I started Googling about the present truth end up buying him. At first, I was really thinking about buying him a nice watch. I’ve had a very successful search looking for the best watches under 500, but I realize that he’s never actually showed any interest in having a nice watch.

Share, sometimes one word out he’ll pay attention to the nice watch on a wrist of another man, but it’s not something he’s ever asked me for, so I guess I feel like it would be weird to buy him one. What does he asked me for? Well, he sure enjoys camping a whole lot.

He loves going out with his buddies, going fishing, and spending the night in the tent. Last summer, when he went out, I found out that his tent had actually broken. He hasn’t bought a new one yet, but I’m sure that he’s planning on it.

I was hoping to beat him to the punch, and buy him a very nice tent before he has the tents to buy one for himself, which I think I will absolutely have the chance to do, and it will be a very nice and surprising gift for my husband.So, what should I buy for him? I went on to the website Survival Cooking, which was actually amazing, survival cooking was a thrilling sight which gave her very in-depth reviews regarding all sorts of outdoor supplies. The reviews are very well written and easy to understand even for someone like me, who doesn’t know anything about the subject matter. So, I guess I have to decide. There are worse things in life, but I sure hope so that by him the thing that he loves most, which I’ve always been able to do in the past.



Join in the Fun

Well, this is my first post here. What should I write here? I feel a little bit confused. I made a list of ideas, which I want to post here in the future, but I think this one should be special, kind of introduction. But then I changed my mind, because I have “About” page.

I am very energetic girls and I adore rock music! Are you surprised? Yes, probably! I visit rock concerts every year and this’s  always an adventure.  We travel to different countries, attending different festivals, meet people from all over the world.  I was thinking about our next destination and we suddenly decided to  visit Poland. I haven’t been there, so this could be a nice idea. I made some research and found an interesting event –  an open air festival. Yes, this is exactly what I need right now. And we were not wrong, it was unforgettable! I was so lucky to be so close to the stage. We just had a great time there with traditional food and tasty polish beer.

Coming home, I felt exhausted, but also delighted that I had had a chance to see Poland and visit this great festival.

Alright, that’s all for now.

Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment and see you soon.


For The Tech Savvy: About Stock Photos

Writing your own blog is pretty amazing experience. Like, even though I have some things that I always said I would do with my blog, it’s constantly open to reinvention. Isn’t that kind of amazing? To have so much control over your own project that you can do and say whatever you want.

Luckily for you, what I want to do is provide helpful information about computers, technology, and my own experiences. I want to help you. A lot of people see the way that I do what I do, and they want to write a blog as well. I’m happy to inspire people, I think it’s a beautiful thing that inspiration can be passed by watching someone do something and realizing that you want to do it too, and that you are also capable of doing it yourself.

I’m not some kind of special person or anything, I’m just a person with enough drive to the start a blog to do the things I want.

To start a blog, all you have to do is choose the domain that you want to start your blog with, or the platform whether it’s Tumblr or WordPress or whatever it is, and from there all you have to do is write content.

Actually, there’s one element of writing and producing a Blog that people don’t really talk about very often that I actually used to think was the hardest and most annoying part. That is finding stock images that suit your content. Yes, this is a real chore. A lot of the websites that are designed for hosting stock photography free for you to use are not designed very well at all. Actually, a lot of them don’t even feature good photographs. The photographs are lame, unprofessional, and they have nothing special about them.

I used to think this way about all of the stock photography sites until I found EyeEm. I absolutely suggest using this one, as the Stock Photos are Far and Away the best, and the user experience as a whole is much improved from other stock photography sites period I don’t even see why anyone use as any of the others. Trust me on this one. Please.

Know More About My Favorite City

I can literally say without any inner objection that Vancouver is my favorite City to visit. I visited a lot of cities in my life and that list is a competitive one, but I just keep going back to Vancouver and I never regret it.

There are just so many great things about Vancouver, that’s so many other cities just can’t rival. Sure, a lot of cities have impressive skylines, a lot have access to the mountains, many have access to the coast…

But, very few cities have access to all three of these things immediately. You probably know that I’m a foodie, and Vancouver caters to that amazingly. Every single meal I eat is amazing, and it seems like there are always new restaurants worth going to that are springing up everywhere.

There is also a brimming yoga scene, which is actually super important to me. I don’t do yoga as much as I should, but I also feel that it’s not really supported in my general environment, usually, unless I’m in a city or a place like Vancouver, or so many people do yoga that it becomes totally regular. People don’t treat you like you’re some kind of weirdo if you’re into that kind of self-care.

You know, the only thing that I can say that I don’t like about Vancouver? That’s actually just the price of living there. Property is as expensive, or more expensive in Vancouver, relative to its own currency as any other city in the world. Vancouver is constantly showing up high and the results of lists and rankings for things like quality of life, and most interesting City. But it’s also showing up as one of the world’s most expensive cities.  And you know what, I also checked some Coal Harbour condos which are a little affordable but is still not suited in my budget.

For example, I was in the neighboring city of Burnaby, and there what’s the sense in me that it might be more affordable here. I kept seeing Burnaby condos for sale, so I contacted Vancouver Realtor. He was great, but when he enlightened me as to the actual cost of purchasing one of these units, I was stunned. It’s simply not affordable nor practical. Still, that’s not going to keep me from visiting, and I like my life where it is anyway.

I just get this feeling sometimes when I’m traveling, and I really fall in love with the place, that I just want to buy it a property there and stay there forever….. But, I think that if you do that, you might end up in a situation where the place that you’ve fallen in love with loses a little bit of those magic. I never plan on living a life without travel, so it’s nice to have places you love to escape to.

Considering A Training Abroad

I was browsing through the internet when I stumbled upon this training program abroad. My heart  skipped a beat. Really.

I saw on their website that they are looking for scholars who will they train for six months. This scholars will be taught by tech leaders from big companies as well as renowned web developers and geeks.

I become excited when I read that this institution is accepting applicants for a training in the France. Students will learn how to develop websites and apps that are capable in coping with the changing times.

Since last year, I discovered I had the knack of cracking and making codes for websites. I made a few websites for my friend’s blog and some start-up companies in our neighborhood. They were really delighted by my piece of work that they even refer me to other clients.

This year I plan to take this skill on a new level but I still do not have money to raise funds so I can return to school and student app and web developing. So imagine my excitement when I saw the call for applications!

What’s more exciting about this is that they this two week training on app alone. I am very interested in developing apps, and I hope I cute make it into a business some day.

Aside from developing apps, I want to know more about app store optimization or ASO so I can add it to my future services as well.

ASO is something that is not that easy to know about. Developing an app is a hard one, making strategy on how to have more people use it is another.

I have also a small about marketing so I am excited to know about the recent updates and news on app store optimization and how this can grow your business.

I am hoping I can pass all my requirements at the end of the month. I am yet to seek a recommendation letters from my two professors and I hope they are not out of town so I can easily get. Moreover, I was thrilled because if ever I am accepted for the scholarship, I need not to shell out any money for it! From my food, round trip ticket, accommodation, and allowance are all shouldered by the organizers. I reall hope I will be chose. I am sure there will be a lot of people who will apply for it but I pray that I am one of the lucky 15 delegates.

Wish me luck guys!

Here’s My Newly-Purchased 360 Cam

My 360 Camera So Far

It was difficult for me to decide which 360 camera device I was going to purchase. This election is huge, so cute that it almost paralyzed as someone who is not super well-informed on the subject. But, I had made the decision to purchase one, as I really believe that VR technology is going to hugely influence the future.

Not only do I think it is going to influence the future, but I think that the future is going to depend on it, and all of the photos and videos that we post that are not available to be viewed in 360 degrees will, sooner rather than later, become almost entirely obsolete. I don’t want this blog to fall into Oblivion, I want this to continue living and breathing and being a beautiful thing that we can share together. So, because of that, I decided to buy it 360 camera and I decided on a Samsung Gear.

I have to say that this camera is Splendid, and that it has not been a very hard learning curve to learn how to use it. I even bought a headset that works very well with it, also made by Samsung, which allows me to experience these photos and videos that I’m creating in a totally immersive way that I would have never imagined would have existed, had I not trusted science-fiction of the eighties and nineties.

But, here I am, about to start posting this new kind of content, and I think that it will really please the masses. I’ve been looking for new ways to stay true to myself and the tenants of this blog, just trying to keep it fresh while also expanding into new territories, without compromising the reason why you have all come here before and enjoyed the words that I’ve written. So, I’ve chosen this Dynamic form of Storytelling to add to our repertoire, and I think that you will very much appreciate the message that it allows me to spread. Peace and love, please let me know what you think in the comments.

A WiFi Monitor for Kids

I was having so much trouble finding a baby monitor that I actually enjoyed. I have a high standard when it comes to products like this, and I’m not going to settle for something less than my standard. I set that standard as soon as I became a parent, and I don’t plan on changing it when any product has any influence on my child’s safety or quality of life, or any form of Health consequence.

So, I went searching for a great but baby monitor, and I found one that really stood out from the rest, which I’d like to share with any of my ideas who are parents or who may be parents, or know people who are parents, or maybe you are just grandparents. It’s called the Comfort Cam and it utilizes modern technology to create and a huge, markable advancement over previous baby monitors that I had ever been exposed to, and it’s the first one that I have ever purchased, and I don’t think I would purchase any other baby monitor on the market. Seriously, it’s that good.

I always thought I wouldn’t have the baby monitor at all, and now I don’t see how I would live without this thing. It’s amazing. It basically is a high-quality camera that works all throughout the night, and then it connects to your phone or tablet with Wi-Fi, giving you a constant stream of live feed video of your baby’s crib. I can’t believe that this exists now.

It is so useful, and the fact that I can just happen by loading up the app on my phone from bed or the living room or wherever I am, and I can just checking on my baby and see what’s up, is such a huge improvement over anything else I’ve ever used in this field of product. I highly recommend this WiFi baby monitor which adds comfort and ease to your quality of life. And want to know more good news? I just learned they accept credit cards when you shop online. What a relief for mommies out there!